10 Days Until Forever is a children's picture book by David Peterson that speaks volumes about the importance of building families and communities. The pages follow a little adopted boy as he counts down the days until "forever." Each day, the members of his family and community show their love to him in their own individual ways, whether through buying him new clothes or simply telling him stories. With their combined efforts they prove that unified communities really can overcome their differences to accomplish what is truly amazing - but you'll have to read the book to learn the ending... and to know what happens when it is finally time for "forever." Release date March 8 2011. Published by Cedar Fort, Inc.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Illustrator, and the release date!

10 Days Until Forever has an illustrator - her name is Tera, and here's a link to her website:


The book will be published in March of 2011.